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Our Services

Our elite software engineers and designers with many years of experience, skills and expertises are ready to design and develop your projects.

Database Design

Our database development department is ready to welcome your orders about analysis, design and implement all kinds of database systems.

Database systems that our company will create for you have enough capability to cover your business needs.

Some of features that our database and management systems have:

  • Multi User System (Unlimited Number of Users)
  • Client/Server System (You can access database system from multiple computers: Laptops and Desktops)
  • Strong Security and Authentication Systems (Store Encrypted Passwords and None Vulnerable Against Hacks)
  • Privilege and Authorization System (Grant Access for Users According to Different Levels that the Users Have)
  • Backup and Recovery Systems (Prevent Loss of Data in case of System Failure)
  • Audit System: You can track changes and control who, when, what changes bring to the data!

We design and program two kind of database at all:

  • Web Based Database
  • Desktop Based Database

Web Based Database means a system that works inside browsers like: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and... You can access and use this system as simply as a website! These systems does not require installation and configuration on each computer in a network environment. Each computer just needs to connect to your network (Wired or Wireless) to be able to access database system. So it is very scalable!

Desktop Based Database means a system that works as a normal software like any other software you used before. You should install the database software on each computer you want to access database system. After installing database software, it will be added to All Programs and Control Panel. It seems like any other programs and behave like normal software.

We develop our database systems interface in three languages according to your preference:

  • Dari
  • Pashto
  • English

Website Design

In Web Designing department, we always ready to design and develop your website as beautiful and as professional as you want!

The Websites that our web designing department develops, always has 3 characteristics:

  • Beautiful
  • Fast
  • Professional

As you know, Web Standards are very important today than before. Because today we use different hardware (like: Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones) and different software (like: Windows, MacOS, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc).

So your website should be Cross Platform, Cross Browser and even Cross Resolution! Tools, technologies and techniques that we use to develop our customer websites, guarantees these features.

So you can enjoy to have a pretty nice website at design, professional in functionality and fast in action! Beside gurantee of working well in different devices and software.

Software Development

Our elite software engineers with many years of experience in programming field, are ready to design and develop your applications.

We develop your desired applications according to your requirements in one of two way:

  • Desktop Applications
  • Web Applications

We always use the latest technologies and versions of software to meet the highest reliability and availability.

Some of tools and programs that we use to develop your applications are:

  • Java SE, Java EE, NetBeans, Eclipse
  • Microsoft VB.NET, C#, ADO.NET
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • PHP, AJAX and jQuery
  • Adobe DreamWeaver
  • RDBMS: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server

Advanced Training

Expert staffs are the success key of every successfull organization. We are here to serve the best IT and Programming trainings.

We provide training terms (long courses) and also single class (short courses) in these fields:

Web Development
  • HTML, Alphabet of Web Designing
  • Stylize Your Website with CSS
  • JavaScript, Bring Interaction to Websites
  • PHP, Develop Your Website
  • jQuery, Write Less Do More
  • AJAX, Web 2.0 Revolution
  • ASP.NET, Microsoft Web Solutions
  • JSP, Web Development in Java
  • Web Project, Get More Experience
Software Engineering
  • Programming Fundamental
  • Advanced C++ Programming
  • How to Program in JAVA
  • Software Development with JAVA
  • Visual Basic Fundamental
  • C# Programming Fundamental
  • Software Development with VB.NET
  • C# Software Development
  • Software Development Project
Database Systems
  • Database Analysis & Design
  • SQL Fundamental
  • Expert MySQL Administration
  • Advanced SQL Server Development
  • Professional Oracle Database Development
  • Database Design Project

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